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Raising Standards, Curriculum and Achievement Committee

Raising Standards, Achievements and Curriculum Committee


Membership and Role of RSA&CC


Membership of the committee will no fewer than 3 other governors, chosen at the beginning of each academic year.  The Principal, or her nominee and the Chair of Governors or his nominee will automatically be members of the Committee.  As well as collective responsibilities, most members of the committee will also have individual responsibilities to keep the committee and the Board up-to-date with specific elements of the remit.

The quorum for each meeting shall be 3 governors

The committee will meet half termly and otherwise as required

The committee will report to each meeting of the full Board

The committee clerk will be responsible for arranging meetings, taking and distributing minutes (together with other relevant papers) and following up agreed actions.

The committee has delegated power to make its own decisions on behalf of, and without referral to, the Full Board of Governors, except where the subject matter requires Full Board consideration by law or in accordance with the Academy’s established scheme of delegation.


Terms of reference

To take the lead on:

  • Monitoring and evaluation rates of progress and standards of achievement by pupils, including any underachieving groups.
  • Setting priorities for improvement and monitoring and evaluation the impact of improvement plans which relate to the committee’s area of operation
  • Developing and reviewing policies identified within the school’s policy review programme and in accordance with delegated powers.


To monitor and evaluate:

  • The effectiveness of leadership and management
  • The progress made against the Post Ofsted Action Plan
  • The impact of quality of teaching on rates of pupil progress and standards of achievement
  • The impact of continuing professional development on improving staff performance
  • The effectiveness of provision for children with special educational needs
  • The impact of any actions or interventions taken to address differential standards of achievement or rates of progress within groups of pupils (e.g. SEN, gender, FSM, BAME, EAL, Children in Care)
  • The impact of Pupil Premium Spending
  • To establish and keep under review a protocol for Governor Visits to school
  • To be available and respond to matters of particular difficulty, sensitivity or emergency and offer advice to the Principal
  • To undertake tasks delegated to them by the Board of Governors
  • To establish and review the remits for Linked Governors in accordance with decisions of the Board to appoint such Governors
  • To co-ordinate the training and support of Governors
  • To consider and review the School Improvement Plan in the light of the long term strategic direction of the school
  • To monitor the functioning and efficiency of the Committees and make recommendations to the Board of Governors as appropriate
  • The quality of the curriculum in securing high standards of achievement
  • Ensuring that the curriculum is balanced, broadly based, meets the needs of all pupils and complies with statutory requirements


To provide guidance to the Full Board of Governors for the following, which cannot be delegated:

Setting realistic and sufficiently challenging statutory end of key stage targets.

The Academy’s Curriculum Statement


Termly Standards Foci

Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term

  • Policies in need of review this year
  • Annual targets for pupil progress and achievement
  • RAG rating Post Ofsted Plan
  • Progress of Pupil Premium Spend
  • Report on Quality of teaching
  • Review of SEF
  • Review of Targets for Pupil Progress and achievement
  • RAG rating Post Ofsted Plan
  • Achievement of pupils with additional needs
  • Progress of Pupil Premium Spend
  • Review remits of named governors
  • Matters arising from Annual Review of Governance
  • Report on progress targets
  • RAG rating Post Ofsted plan
  • Review of SEF
  • Progress of Pupil Premium Spend
  • Effectiveness of Raising Standards Committee
  • Effectiveness of current Committee Structure

Curriculum subjects

  • English
  • Art
  • History
  • PE

Curriculum subjects

  • Science
  • Music
  • Technology
  • D&T

Curriculum subjects

  • Geography
  • RE
  • Maths
  • Computing

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