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Roles 2015-16

Governor Roles and Responsibilities September 2015


Delegation of Responsibility to Individuals


Any individual to whom responsibility has been delegated is expected to work within the following terms of reference:


Terms of reference:


  • To liaise with the appropriate member(s) of staff
  • To visit the school with the purpose of gathering information concerning their area of responsibility and to increase their knowledge of the School
  • To regularly report to the Governing Body, relevant committee or the Steering Group, whichever the Governing Body deems most appropriate, on developments and progress within their area of responsibility
  • To raise the profile of the area of responsibility when related matters are considered by the Governing Body
  • To attend training as appropriate


Disqualification – The following functions CANNOT be delegated to an individual:


Functions relating to:

  1. The alteration, closure or change of category of maintained schools
  2. The approval of the first formal budget plan of the financial year
  3. School discipline policies
  4. Exclusions of pupils (except in an emergency when the chair has the power to exercise these functions)
  5. Admissions


Specific Governor Roles and Responsibilities

Link Year Group

Link Teacher


  1. Responsible Officer



Paul Greenhalgh – links with Chair of Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee


  1. Steering Committee



Chair – Harold Rostron

Principal – Lucy Gough

Raising Standards Chair – Gill Burrow

Pupil Welfare and Curriculum Chair – Andrea Jones

Trustee Member – Olwen McNamara

  1. Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee



Principal, John Moran, Rob Higginson, Cllr John Longsden, Clive Hamilton


  1. Ethos, Inclusion and Safeguarding Committee



Principal, Harold Rostron, Rev Andrea Jones, staff governor, parent governor, Clive Hamilton

  1. Raising Standards, Achievement and Curriculum Committee



Principal, Gill Burrow, John Moran, Harold Rostron, Olwen McNamara, Nicky Watts

  1. Hearings Committee



To be appointed as appropriate

  1. Admissions and Appeals Committee



To be appointed as appropriate

  1. Pupils Discipline Committee



To be appointed as appropriate

  1. Principal’s Performance Management



Harold Rostron, one other appointed governor

  1. Pay Review Committee



Harold Rostron, John Moran, Rob Higginson, Cllr John Longsden, Clive Hamilton


  1. Core Subjects Literacy


Catherine Williams

Clive Hamilton

  1. Core Subject Numeracy

Yr 6

Cheryl Nelson & Louise Varsiana

Gill Burrow

  1. Core Subject Science (links to Eco Schools)

Yr 3

Cheryl Nelson & Matthew Griffiths

Rob Higginson

  1. Computing

Yr 4

Gareth Hughes

John Moran

  1. Religious Education


Lucy Gough (Principal)

Rev Andrea Jones

  1. Humanities


Emma Stoddart

Cllr John Longsden

  1. Art and DT


Amy Nixon

Rev Andrea Jones

  1. Early Years

Nurs & Rec

Emma Stoddart & Amy Nixon

Rev Andrea Jones and Cllr John Longsden

  1. Inclusion (including SEND & AG&T)

Year 2

Ian Williams

Olwen McNamara

  1. Training for teachers and governors



Harold Rostron

  1. Health and Safety



John Moran

  1. Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare (including Healthy Schools)



Harold Rostron

  1. The Academies Specialist Characteristic – Performance and Participation including PE & Music

Year 5

Chris Homer (Year 5 teacher & PE)

Sophie Hull (SENCO & Music)

Nicky Watts

  1. Pupil Premium


Lucy Gough (Principal) & Rohan Young (Pupil Premium Interventions Co-ordintor

Olwen McNamara, Harold Rostron

The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control Galatians 5:22-23

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